Service Work

By keeping on top of milking machine maintenance, our farmers save money.

A brief description  of how it all works– Craig or a Senior Technician will visit the farm and walk through the service procedure listing jobs to be done and works to be carried out.  You will then receive a price to complete these works and an estimated date. As the agreed service is being undertaken any other issues arising will be communicated to you and an estimation given for this. Customers on this agreement will receive a lower labor rate for all ongoing work for the season. A discount on all other products (not including monthly specials) will also be given. Access to participate in this agreement will be based upon payment of invoice on or before the 20th of the month following completion of works. The discount will then be applied to your next months account. Accounts not falling inside these terms will lose the discount  to be applied and will revert to standard pricing until the situation is remedied.

Yes, We do pumps.

Domestic pumps, industrial pumps, water pumps and milk pumps. You name it! If it pumps, we can fix it!